Morrissey attacks David Bowie

Morrissey has used his first television interview for 17 years to launch a scathing attack on David Bowie.

He labelled Bowie “showie” and claimed his artistic career was a “business”, in the interview on tonight’s Jonathan Ross Show.

He went on to say that the public fell in love with Ziggy Stardust but claimed the visuals for Ziggy were dreamt up by someone else.

Morrissey also attacked Bowie in GQ magazine when he said: “He is not the person he was. He is no longer David Bowie at all.

“Now he gives people what he thinks will make them happy, and they’re yawning their heads off. And by doing that, he is not relevant. He was only relevant by accident.”

Bowie covered the Morrissey track I Know It’s Going To Happen Someday on his Black Tie White Noise album in 1993.

Two years later, he asked Morrissey to join him on tour, although Morrissey left the tour before it was over.


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  1. Morrissey is a mean-spirited narcissist in a lonely, sad sack’s clothing. He deserves to be alone.

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