Music Review: Ginuwine “In Those Jeans”

Album: The Senior
Year: 2003

Ginuwine has a jean fetish in the disturbingly earnest “In Those Jeans.”

An ogling bass starts the single, creating a perverted tone. In the chorus, Ginuwine drools over how a young woman’s curves are accuentated by her tight jeans. He asks her if he can squeeze into them, too. She’s voluptous and Ginuwine cannot stop staring at her butt. “Looking good plenty tight/Tell me is there any more room for me/In those jeans/Really thick like I like it/Tell me/Is there any more room for me/In those jeans/Looking tasty really scrumptious/Tell me is there any more room for me/In those jeans/Looking good plenty tight/
Is there any more room for me/In those jeans.”

He traps her into a conversation about how he watched the lower half of her body from his car. He’s a tough, streetwise guy but a woman wearing a pair of snug jeans causes him to swoon. He decided to have to the lower half of her body and wants to marry it. No word if it the top half, which includes her brain and head is part of the package deal also. Then, he thinks how the jeans would feel against his body. “Got on my ride seen you from afar/And I couldn’t stop myself from looking hard/You wore these jeans/Girl you wore these jeans and you/Made a thug wanna cry something terrible/I had to have, have you for myself baby/You don’t know what those jeans do to me/Make me wanna get down on one knee/You got that thunder/And it only makes me wonder how it feels/To get up in those jeans/Oh those jeans.”

In the second verse, he praises her lower half repeatedly. He can’t think of anything to say. But it’s a non-issue. Jeans can’t respond to inapproriate and creepy compliments anyway. He notices the woman is inching away from him out of fear. Ginuwine says he’s harmless and then lists every well-known brand name of jeans by heart. Perhaps because he has pictures from the store circulars pasted on the walls of his room. Not to mention, the brands he mentions are bland and overpriced. “You are the bomb/Girl you tight to death/I don’t know the words to say to you/All that I know, baby all I know is that/I’m loving what I see and I’m feeling you/I wanna know, all I wanna know is if/I could have what’s up in those jeans/Baby can I have what’s up in those jeans/Don’t get alarmed cause I don’t mean no harm/But I love the way you wear those jeans/Levis, Prada, BabyPhat, I love them/Love the way you wearing them I love them can/Calvin, Iceberg/Sergio, I love them/Trying to get inside of those/Yeah Yeah Yeah.”

In the third redundant verse, Ginuwine says if she wear old, beat up jeans that haven’t been washed in five years, he’d still be fixated on them. Cleaniness is apparently not necessary. “I wanna say that them jeans looking good fitting right/Baby damn those jeans/Any kind doesn’t matter you could win ’em you look fine/Baby damn those jeans/Anytime that I see you I want in, you wear them well/Baby damn those jeans/You, the shit you the bomb/All I wanna know is can I have what’s in those jeans/Can I get in those, can I, baby.”

The chorus ends the single.

The over-the-top “In Those Jeans” takes the phrase “getting into her pants” too far. While it’s okay to like a certain aspect of clothing and eyewear (suits, glasses.) It’s not all right to treat the object like a person. For Ginuwine, it’s the jeans with the brain and mouth, not the woman. Not only is it off-putting but it’s weird. It’s as though he’s talking to her crotch throughout the single.

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  1. Like the Bee Gees in the “disco sucks” early 80’s, R. Kelly offset a mountain of negativity in 2003 by writing hit songs for other artists. Unfortunately, instead of “Islands In The Stream”, we got “In Those Jeans.” This song is a typical Kelly ode to a body part with Ginuwine adding Jheri Curls and a sixpack.

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