Nine Inch Nails Solidifies Live Lineup

Nine Inch Nails principal Trent Reznor has unveiled the lineup for his 2005 tour, which will feature former Icarus Line guitarist Aaron North, A Perfect Circle bassist Jeordie White, drummer Jerome Dillon and keyboardist Alessandro Cortini.

“This is a new entity that feels very fresh and vital. We are preparing to destroy you,” Reznor wrote on NIN’s official Web site.

The group will be touring in support of its first album in almost six years, “With Teeth,” which will be released May 3 via Interscope.

Reznor said the new band is “reworking a number of older tracks that still matter to us, while focusing on the new material. This band is capable of a lot, and I trust and respect everyone’s musical ability.”

So far the only confirmed dates are March 30-31 at London’s Astoria.

Credit: Reuters

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  1. next life

    i am coming back as a man

    or just jeordie white

    he gets all best gigs


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