Shut the f*** up

Dipset and G-Unit dont have Ja and 50 beef, nor do they have Jay and Nas Beef. Jimmy Jones is Blood, THATS IT!!! Cam’ron is a hustler, Juelz is a nobody. Their beef stems from the mis interpretation of Young Buck saying “I’ll dip through your set………” Nothing else. The beef is not serious……and here in NY some people already have the dis record when Cam disses 50. And that was because 50 poked fun at those who were left off of the ROC THE MIC tour. So fuck all those who oppose me. YOU……….the one who called me a yellow back crab nigga, you aint shit. You got no paper……..and no say so here on this site. The worse you can do is send me a gangsta virus to my computer bitch ass nigga. All those who disagree with my statements talk to me like a man, i am not a regular nigga from the street. Im a grown ass man about my shit, I expect the same from ya’ll. If you want to talk like kids I am going to treat you like one. For the loyal people at this site……..thanks for coming……..if you have an opinion on rap music period state it……..and we will have a discussion about it.

Holla at Bizzie.

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  1. Cam’ron is harlem NTG thas y he romes pink.. and Jim jones is a NTG OG who JUELZ is a 3*General in..nigga get yo shit str8 b4 u try to spray shit nigga wen juelz seys “kamikaze nazi nazi” in the dipset anthem thats Blood Killa army kodes n only high ranked ppl kno all of the killa army kodes n only generals use them..n that sign they thro up dont mean eastside it means HGB home grown bangas a Blood set

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